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A.M. Vibe - Capricorno

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 27 / 6 / 2009

A.M. Vibe - Capricorno
Label: Planting Seeds Records
Format: CD


Perfect Sundays-influenced latest album from San Diego-based three-piece, A.M. Vibe

A.M. Vibe come from San Diego in the USA. They are a three piece, fronted by Lisah Nicholson, who was formerly with Red Dye No.5. The album opens with ‘Superstar’, which sounds something like the Velvet Underground’s ‘Sweet Jane’ as sung by Harriet Wheeler from the Sundays. It is a song full of super sunshine and very happy days. ‘Open Road’ has a 1990’s 4AD feel to it. Think of the Pale Saints/Lush/ the Pixies with lots of hard guitars, gritty drums and deep bass lines. The lengthy ‘Hold On’ is grungy and fast with full on guitars and a hard-sounding vocal from Lisah. ‘V’ is reminiscent of the Sundays with its jangly guitars and twee vocals. ’Don't Wanna Stay’ has a lush sound and loud guitars that recall Neil Young and the Teenage Fanclub. ‘ Lullabye’ is a slow-paced Americana number with a gentle vocal from Lisah and elegant guitars.’ B.M.F.’ is very loud with Britpop style thrashy guitars. Lisah’s vocals on it are like those of Kim Deal and Justine Frischmanm from Elastica, while the Suede-style guitars hit you in the face with their sheer volume. ‘Simple Disaster’ starts off like trippy Pink Floyd, until it slows down to a Sundays-like calm pace. ‘Black Dogs’ is a plain and simple acoustic number and works well because of it. ‘Countdown’ has a much faster pace and is full of summer happiness in every note. ‘Sea Song’ is slow and gentle, reflective and a decent chill out number. ‘Jaded’ ends the album and again is elegant and soft. A perfect album!

Track Listing:-
1 Superstar
2 Open Road
3 Hold On
5 Dont Wanna Stay
6 Lullabye
7 Bmf
8 Simple Disaster
9 Black Dogs
10 Countdown
11 Sea Song
12 Jaded...

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