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Planting Seeds Records


A.M. Vibe (2009)

Perfect Sundays-influenced latest album from San Diego-based three-piece, A.M. Vibe

International Jetsetters (2009)

Heart is Black
Fabulous debut EP from Oxford-based indie/shoegazing five piece International Jetsetters, which includes in its line-up two current members of the Jesus and Mary Chain, Mark Corzer and Loz Colbert

Linda Draper (2007)

Stripped back folk on excellent fifth album from under-rated New York-based singer-songwriter Linda Draper

Linda Draper (2009)

Bridge and Tunnel
Soft-on-the-ear, but monotonous sixth album of folk from New York-based singer-songwriter, Linda Draper

Lovetones (2009)

Well-crafted fourth album from Australian band the Lovetones, which creates a rich psychedelic pop evocative of the 1960s while maintaining an indie rock sensibility

Lovetones (2010)

Forceful fifth album from Australian-based psychedelic pop group, the Lovetones

Pinkie (2004)

Sharon Fussy
Finely-crafted new albumof indi epop from former Brighter guitarist Alex Sharkey, who shows himslef able to recall the sounds of the Sarah Records era

Various (2009)

Blue Skies Daisy Days
Fantastic 21 track shoegazing/indie rock benefit compilation from American label Planting Seeds Records, which includes tracks from International Jetsetters, A.M. Vibe, the Tamborines,the Left Outsides, the Loose Salute and the See See

Young Sinclairs (2011)

Feel Bad
Superb reissue of debut album of Virginia-based psychedelic group, the Young Sinclairs

Young Sinclairs (2013)

You Know Where to Find Me
Superb 60's-influenced harmonic pop on new vinyl single from Virginia-formed band, the Young Sinclairs

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