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Elusive Parallelograms - And Everything Changes

  by Andrew Carver

published: 21 / 3 / 2009

Elusive Parallelograms - And Everything Changes
Label: Elusive Parallelograms
Format: CD


Superb, eclectic psychedelic-influenced rock on outstanding first album from Milwaukee-based group, Elusive Parallelograms

Milwaukee’s Elusive Parallelograms’ debut EP led to comparisons with 1960s psychedelic rock, 1980s’ shoegazers and 1990s Britpop. Allegedly the members of Elusive Paraellograms wince at such pigeon-holing (which would put them in the company of just about every other musician), but there is no doubt those threads work their way into the band’s sound. It’s hard to blame the reviewers: Any fan of guitar-based rock and pop who listens to ‘And Everything Changes’ will almost certainly hear something that sounds like a band they really like, whether it’s little things like the Blur-ish “Woo-hoos”, or the My Bloody Valentine-style kickoff to ‘Lilt’. Songs like ‘Otro’, with its urgent vocals and glistening guitars, should appeal to fans of bands such as Adorable and thye Whipping Boy. The acoustic intro to the title track and the strummed ‘coagulate’ show both that the band is not all about blizzards of sound and that there are effective songwriters buried under the electric frenzy on tunes like ‘Destroyer’. Credit also has to go to a super production job, a far sharper than one would expect from a self-released effort that misspells the band’s name on the CD cover. 'And Everything Changes’ is certainly a marvelous album; if Elusive Parallelograms keep up like this they’ll deserve to be ranked with U.S. psychedelic titans like Springhouse, Donovan’s Brain and Outrageous Cherry.

Track Listing:-
1 Rev
2 Otro
3 Orange
4 Velochromatic
5 Asleep
6 Closure
7 And Everything Changes
8 Lilt
9 Hang Those Who Speak Of The West
10 Destroyer
11 Coagulated Conduit
12 Benzedrine
13 Finland
14 Intelligent Design
15 Epilogue

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