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Apache - Boomtown Gems

  by Andrew Carver

published: 27 / 9 / 2008

Apache - Boomtown Gems
Label: Birdman
Format: CD


Snottier-than-thou New York Dolls-influenced punk on debut album from San Francisco band, which includes former members of the Cuts

Apache was formed by a quartet of San Francisco garage rock veterans, including members of the Cuts, but its heart lies on the other side of the U.S.A. The New York Dolls’ sloppy glam is obviously a big inspiration -the cry of “Let’s go!”, hand claps, lyrics like “It’s summer time and the girls are hot!” and a song titled ‘Chelsea Girl’ are dead giveaways for those who missed the band’s own admission of Doll fandom. Other New York combos inject their DNA, with Apache’s boy’s night out attitude contributed by the Dictators and the occasional musical sneer provided by Jane County and The Electric Chairs. The band has a good sense of musical history (though they might be loathe to admit it, maaaaan): ‘Nazi Knife’ twists a Velvet Underground lyric - "Here she comes, she’s all dressed in black" - around first-generation British punk’s fascist style appropriation. Add in touches like the cat cry at the start of ‘Bullet Train’ which straddle the line between goofy and cool, and the basic catchiness of its stomping rock and you have a winner for anyone who demands their daily required dose of snark in 11 tracks squeezed into half an hour (and tight pants). Fans of bands like the Richmond Sluts (or their successor, Big Midnight), Nice Boys, Exploding Hearts, The Time Flies, Stalkers and The Sick Fits will enjoy their snottier-than-thou punkisms.

Track Listing:-
1 Boys Life
2 Bullet Train
3 Nazi Knife
4 Real Shit
5 Russian Roulette
6 Crystal Clear
7 White Hammer
8 Charlie Go Home
9 Sugar Glidin'
10 Chelsea Girl
11 Ride Apache Ride

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