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City And Colour - Bring Me Your Love

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 29 / 1 / 2008

City And Colour - Bring Me Your Love
Label: Hassle Records
Format: CD


Heartfelt second album from City and Colour, the acoustic solo project of Alexisonfire's Dallas Green

'Bring Me Your Love' is the second full length studio album from Alexisonfire's Dallas Green. Recorded under his solo moniker, City and Colour, the Canadian has yet again written a heartfelt, acoustic collection of songs that are far removed from his day job in one of the most intense and heavy bands in the world. 'Bring Me Your Love' is far more developed than ‘Sometimes’, City and Colour's first album. That debut album, which was fantastic, was for all intents and purposes simply one guy recording some songs he’d written on his own on his guitar. 'Bring Me Your Love' is, however, a much more complete and conceived album. On it we see more than just the singer and acoustic guitar approach. The album is by no means a full band effort, but we see a lot more strings and backing instruments which all add to the album and give it a complete feel. It still has an authentic stripped down feel to it though with any extra instruments being used quite sparsely and this all adds to the intimacy of the record. This is especially evident on 'Forgive Me' which opens the album, and also 'What Makes a Man' These are two songs that have the same heart-on-sleeve feel that led to the success of ‘Sometimes’. ‘Confessions’ which appeared on a City and Colour 'Live' album and DVD which came out last year, also gets a look in here and immediately feels like an old classic. The standout song on City and Colour's first album is the beautiful ‘Save Your Scissors’ which was a phenomenal success in itself. I must say that upon first listening I was trying to pick the next ‘big song’ out. This whole album is, however, on a much more level playing field, but a song which really stuck out in my mind is the sweet and honest ‘This Girl’, a fairly simple little song about how wonderful Green's girl is for putting up with him as he’s off around the world. The simplicity and authenticity of the song just got to me. One song which I could see as a single would be ‘Sleeping Sickness’. It begins with an eerie sound, before developing a sing-a-long style chorus, and is one of those songs that would really make you sit up and listen. ‘Sleeping Sickness’ is helped along by fellow Canadian Gordon Downie from one of Canada’s biggest and best loved bands, the Tragically Hip. His unmistakable vocal style brings a real earthiness to this song. 'Bring Me Your Love' gives another glimpse into the mind and heart of a much loved and respected artist who I hope will be around for a long time.

Track Listing:-
1 Forgive Me
2 Confessions
3 The Death Of Me
4 Body In A Box
5 Sleeping Sickness
6 What Makes A Man
7 Waiting..
8 Constant Knot
9 Against The Grain
10 The Girl
11 Sensible Heart
12 As Much As I Ever Could

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