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Various - There's Only One T in Wichita

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 7 / 10 / 2007

Various - There's Only One T in Wichita
Label: Wichita
Format: CD


Surprisingly effective collection of remixes and album rejects on new budget-priced compilation from the Wichita label, which includes tracks from Bloc Party, Les Savy Fav, Espers and the Cribs

A bunch of dodgy remixes/album reject tracks from your top acts.The sole hit/nearly hit from your division two rabble. One-listen will courtesy of the die-hard desperadoes destined to spend their musical careers juggling hard-to-find gigs with shifts at the local petrol station/‘massage’ parlour in order to make ends meet.That’s your average label compilation deconstructed. And now for 'There's Only One T In Wichita'. Boasting a squad of Premiership-standard creatives that’d make even Jose Mourinho think twice about walking away, Wichita have released a compilation so confident in its own excellence they haven’t even bothered to come up with a ‘show everyone at their best’ running order. Instead, artists feature alphabetically from Bloc Party to XOXO Panda and you’re instructed to bung the thing on your player and come up with your own. We wouldn’t bother as that would mean wasting precious time when you could be moshing to Les Savy Fav’s fabulously thuggish 'Raging In The Plague Age'; snuggling up in Espers’ downy soft 'Moon Occults The Sun' and crinkling your brow quizzically as you wonder whether the rush you get from Those Dancing Days’ super-soulful '1000 Words' is technically classed as illegal. Okay, Bloc Party’s technoey 'Looking For Witches' remix will only impress 'Jurassic Park' fans,and then only for its ‘screeching pterodactyl’background noises, and the Cribs have come up with lots better than 'Girls Like Mystery', a sub-Arctics indie workout. But we all have our off-days. Do you hear something like a police siren in the distance? Us too. It’s Wichita na-na-nee-na-na-ing atthe opposition. Can’t blame them, really, can you?

Track Listing:-
1 Bloc Party- Hunting For Witches (Dave P And Adam Sparkles Remix)
2 Blood Brothers- Spit Shine Your Black Clouds
3 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- Sword Song
4 Espers- Moon Occults The Sun
5 Euros Childs- Outside My Window
6 Les Savy Fav- Racing In The Plague Age
7 Los Campesinos!- We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives
8 Meg Baird- Riverhouse In Tinicum
9 Peter Bjorn And John- Let's Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)
10 Simian Mobile Disco- State Of Things
11 The Bronx- Mouth Money
12 The Cribs- Girls Like Mystery
13 Those Dancing Days- 1000 Words
14 XOXO Panda- The New Kid Revival

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