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Kubichek - Nightjoy

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 5 / 4 / 2007

Kubichek - Nightjoy
Label: 30 : 30 Recordings
Format: CDS


Strong dance rock on new single from the much hyped Kubichek ! which needs several listens to be fully appreciated

Kubichek! are another British band with a post punk rock sound. An unmistakable dance beat in 'Nightjoy' helps make it worthy of any dance floor. On a more negative note there really is so much of the same out there at the moment which I find unfortunate. Numerous bands are doing a similar thing, and whether it is a case of there being scene leaders and followers out there, or, simply bands that have all arrived at the same sound at the same time, it has become increasingly hard to judge the said bands fairly. The temptation upon hearing a band like Kubichek! is to write it off as another band that sound like several others, which is unfair. With the first spin of ‘Nightjoy’ I thought “Great ! Another band, I’m sure I heard this last week and the week before. What else can I say about them ?” With its fast paced beats and guitar sounds that flow throughout the song until a great stop start style chorus there is nothing wrong with 'Nightjoy', In fact it is a great tune. It’s just I’ve become accustomed to hearing the same thing over and over. Lazy journalism aside, however, I gave it several more listens before writing it off and thankfully it grew on me intensely. It became apparent that these boys do have somewhat of an edge. With a superb guitar hook that leads the pace singer Alan's vocals have a hint of Ian Brown which can only be a good thing, and the chorus features some fantastically weaved vocal harmonies which you could well miss first time round. The mark of many great songs and bands is that often on first listen nothing really jumps out at you, but the more you hear the more you notice about it. ‘Nightjoy’ is a song that needs some unravelling and patience but it is incredibly worth while. Their debut album, ‘Not Enough Night’, has also just been released and, if this single is anything to go by, then it has the potential to be a classic that you can lose yourself in.

Track Listing:-
1 Nightjoy
2 That Pop Carry On
3 Furious
4 Video Nightjoy

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