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Melodium - Music for Invisible People

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 24 / 2 / 2007

Melodium - Music for Invisible People
Label: Autres Directions
Format: CD


Pleasant-on-the-ear first attempt at vocal lounge pop music from previously entirely instrumental act Melodium released to coincide with his new electro album 'Flacana Flacana'

To coincide with his 'Flacana Flacana' album, which is filled with quiet elektro-kammerspiel music, 'Music For Invisible People' is 'Melodium's first attempt at vocal lounge pop music. Whilst mumbling at first, comprehension of Melodium's vocals much improves as this album progresses. A classically trained pianist, Laurent Girard a.k.a. Melodium blends with an impressive ease melody with electronica based rhythms. Alhough the greatest of his compositions are those on his instrumental albums; 'Saturday Morning' is a genuine stand out track that shows the progress in Melodium's music from home studio clicks and cuts to rich pop house music. Other tunes on this album are sung flat with an orchestration that is just a little too obedient to the overall sense of innocent loveliness. As pleasant as 'Music for Invisible People' is to listen to, I had hoped for more of cross between these vocal attempts with Girard's electronic compositions. In this iPod era you could always compile highlights from this album and the simultaneous release 'Flacana Flacana'. And that would be a jewel!

Track Listing:-
1 You Can't Help Me
2 I'm Not Already Dead
3 Follow The Trains Of Thoughts
4 You're Gone
5 My Xylophones Loves Me
6 Saturday Morning
7 We Are All Right Here
8 Quit The Sun
9 It Must Have A Meaning
10 The Hate Week
11 Maybe It's The End Of Time
12 Behind The Picture
13 An Endless Present

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