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Quintron - One True Passion : V2.0

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 4 / 10 / 2006

Quintron - One True Passion : V2.0
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Re-released in 2004 as 'One True Passion : V2.0' with extra tracks, New Order and Joy Division bassist Peter Hook's side project Revenge's debut album 'One True Passion' received a critical pounding upon its original release in 1991. Olga Sladeckova re-assesses it 15 years on

Revenge only celebrated 3 years of existence together as a band. The group was formed by Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook, guitarist Dave Hicks and keyboardist Chris “CJ” Jones. In spite of Peter Hook’s great talent and the music he made with Joy Division and later New Order, Revenge never managed to earn respect from either critics or fans. The cover of their first album, 1990's ‘One True Passion’, also met criticism for the “scantily clad woman” on it. 16 years later every other cover has a half naked women on it and no one even blinks. Revenge's sound was much more experimentally electronic than Joy Division or even New Order. Many of the band’s original songs have also been remixed with an even heavier electronic influence. I am personally not a big fan of electronic music but Revenge's songs also have a strong guitar sound. ‘One True Passion : V2.0’ was released at the beginning of 2004. It features 2 CDs. One CD contains the original songs of the 1990 album and the other CD features a lot of electronic remixes of those tracls. The album opens with ‘Televive’. The song has very strong resemblance to New Order's music. It is catchy, features clever music compositions and mixes all the instruments, electronic noises and Hook's vocals together perfectly. The following track ‘The Wilding’ starts quietly, but with little hesitance. A drum beat thunders in the background and a bass guitar and a keyboard lead the tune with colourful melody. My favourite track is ‘State Of The Shock’. It also starts slowly and quietly. At first the keyboard remains in the background while the bass and drums build the tune up. Under a minute into the song all the instruments kick-off in an explosion. One of the best things about Revenge's music is their masterful composition and the way in which all the instruments create the tune. They sound like an orchestra. ‘Pineapple Face’ was probably the most successful song Revenge released reaching number 8 in US modern rock chart. As the album progresses the music starts to rely on keyboard much more often, losing the bass guitar in its middle. ‘It’s Quiet’ is the first CD and the album's closing track. As the title suggests it is a quieter song. It brings back the guitars and puts emphasis on the lyrics as Peter Hook sings: “There are things that I have seen. I’ve looked above to live my dreams. A sudden lack of energy, When all the angels came for me.” The second CD indulges in remixes and all the critically rejected electronic sound. While I am not a big fan of such music, I do think that tracks such as 'Underworld' or 'Wende' sparkle with great energy and will expand your imagination. In spite of Revenge's mostly negative reception the band wrote enough songs that if they appeared the under New Order name they would have become hits. Other than ‘One True Passion’ (1990, Revenge only released one other record, a live album in 1991 b‘No Pain, No Gain’. Before Revenge disbanded Chris “CJ” Jones was replaced by David Potts. Later in 1996 Peter Hook and Potts formed Monaco but that is a different story…

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Quintron - One True Passion : V2.0

Quintron - One True Passion : V2.0

Quintron - One True Passion : V2.0

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