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Stephen Malkmus - Kindling For The Master

  by Mark Rowland

published: 20 / 8 / 2006

Stephen Malkmus - Kindling For The Master
Label: Select Label
Format: 12"


Latest single from ex-Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus' third solo album, which appears with four different remixes

This 7” version of Stephen Malkmus’ ‘Kindling for the Master’, the latest single from his third album ‘Face the Truth’, features four different remixes of the title track. The original version is sadly absent, but the tracks here will certainly go down well in a club. This 7” is obviously aimed at DJs, as most people wouldn’t want to listen to four different versions of the same song at once, but each track in its own right, from the disco-fied Emperor Machine remix to Hot Chip’s almost unrecognisable ambient re-working of the song (it’s practically a Hot Chip song featuring Stephen Malkmus on guest vocals), is pretty good for a remix.

Track Listing:-
1 Kindling For The Master (Emperor Machine Remix - Vocal)
2 Kindling For The Master (Major Swellings Remix - Vocal)
3 Kindling For The Master (Hot Chip Remix)
4 Kindling For The Master (Polmo Polpo Remix)

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