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Bc Camplight - Hide Run Away

  by Geraint Jones

published: 18 / 6 / 2006

Bc Camplight - Hide Run Away
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Re-release to coincide with a UK tour of debut album from BC Camplight, the nom de plume of talented and offbeat multi-instrumentalist Brian Christinzio

Originally released in October 2005 ‘Hide, Run Away’, BC Camplight’s debut album, was recently re-released to coincide with a UK tour. And with further dates imminent that will hopefully be enough to entice a good few more people to seek it out. Essentially a vehicle for Brian Christinzio, a man clearly in touch with his multi-instrumental side, though perhaps more at ease behind a piano, which was how he toured on his first UK visit last year, he’s ably assisted by a number of other accomplished players on the album. I was initially drawn to BC Camplight about 18 months or so ago, coming across the intriguing and unsettlingly entitled ‘Blood And Peanut Butter’ during one of my occasional trawls around the MP3 blog community. Managing to combine, somewhat unexpectedly, two of life’s absolute essentials in one song title I was smitten from the off. That it would reveal BC Camplight was capable of charting an irregular yet purposeful course through the unfathomably choppy waters of pop with flair as well as a knack for a decent tune, albeit otherworldly at times, was admittedly a bonus. The album too is richly seamed with similarly enticing, often no less bizarre juxtapositions of his softly sung melodies of a frequently morbid hue. Never less than entertaining, while there might be one or two relatively inconsequential moments here, on the whole for those that appreciate their love songs from a rather askew perspective, ‘Hide, Run Away’ delivers so don’t let it elude you any longer.

Track Listing:-
1 Couldn't You Tell
2 Blood And Peanut Butter
3 Emily's Dead To Me
4 Hide, Run Away
5 Wouldn't Mind The Sunshine
6 Parapaleejo
7 Oranges In Winter
8 If You Think I Don't Mean It
9 La, La, La
10 Richard Dawson
11 Sleep With Your Lights On

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