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Mazarin - We're Already There

  by Andrew Carver

published: 27 / 4 / 2006

Mazarin - We're Already There
Label: Select Label
Format: CD


Enjoyable pyschedelia from Philadelphia band Mazarin who include the Flaming Lips, early Mercury Rev and My Bloody Valentine among their influences

Philadelphia psychedelic band Mazarin travels in the same circles as Espers, the Asuza Plane and the Lilys. Primarily the work of guitarist Quentin Stoltzfus, the band’s latest album starts off with a bit of a red herring: 'The New American Apathy' comes from the same place as the pastoral freakouts of the Flaming Lips and early Mercury Rev, and the idle listener might be persuaded by the first track’s drum machine, burbling digital delay and bells that TV on The Radio has been on Stoltzfus’ stereo as well. The song is also a bit of a lyrical departure from the usual psych-pop enthusiasm for girls, astronomy, girls, “being there”, girls, altered states, and girls, being an examination of the state of the nation – but by the time 'For Energy Infinite' rolls around, it’s back to business as usual. The song’s speedy guitar and tambourine-smacking has a few strange noises for company, but it’s firmly in the family tree of 1960's psych-pop and could easily land Mazarin on a bill with Of Montreal, Dungen, the Telepathic Butterflies or Kelley Stoltz ... or vice-versa, since Stoltsfuz’ material and performance is strong enough to stand on its own without any namedropping – his sharp arrangements and boyish voice are a draw in themselves. Other tracks show a debt to such venerable British institutions as My Bloody Valentine Fans of the aforementioned artists should definitely give 'We’re Already There' a listen.

Track Listing:-
1 The New American Apathy
2 For Energy Infinite
3 Another One Goes By
4 At 12 to 6
5 Schroed(er) / Inger
6 I'll See You In the Evening
7 I'm With You and the Constellations
8 Louise
9 Northeast Winter
10 Kenyan Heat Wave
11 We're Already There

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