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Panther - Yourself

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 22 / 1 / 2006

Panther - Yourself
Label: Fryk Beat
Format: 12"


Enjoyable white electro-funk on new record from Panther, the first ever release of new Portland, Oregon label which is half LP half twelve inch

Half LP half twelve inch, the first ever Fryk Beat release comes as an indicative statement. Fryk Beat is a new sibling from the electronic music tribe of Portland, Oregon but, as expected, sounds on the imprint can be labelled freaky. Panther defies genre filing. The 'Yourself' release includes lovely off kilter ditties like the Copy mix of 'Black Baby' which is in rather sharp contrast with the original on the LP side of 'Yourself' which only lasts over a mere minute. Actually, Panther is more of a coyote trapped in an urban jungle. The aberration of white funk with tracks stripped to their skinny bones, 'Yourself' is set to teach you some new dances. The theme for the 'album' is remarkably old-fashioned though. It's the blues and love trouble is stamped throughout. In the hilarious 'I've Been Wasting' the panther croons like a randy tomcat after his castration. If there's anything that initially will put you off it's Panther's tormented howls that interact with his vocal jives. He sounds unreal at first as the impact of 9 songs in just over a quarter of an hour is a little too much going by today's standards of 1970's evoked concept albums or 12 minute remixes. Little Panther cries his heart out and 'Yourself' almost is like the B-side of a hiphop 12" inch with acapella tracks. The B-side of 'Yourself' actually is the 45RPM dance touch Fryk Beat 01. The remixes from Copy and E*Rock could have been mixed up here. It's E*Rock who is in a loud house mood whilst Copy is the one who follows the melody line. Both have just recently done the mopposite. 'You Don't Want To (Hear This)' draws in heavy bass pumping that must explain why E*Rock is a founder member of Fryk Beat. Panther(E*RockMix)=FloorFiller

Track Listing:-
1 Time Zones
2 He Enjoys The Leg
3 Backs
4 Black Baby
5 I've Been Wasting
6 You Don't Want Yr Nails Done
7 Cell Vs. Mouth
8 Off The Fuck The Phone
9 Let Me Down
10 You Don't Want Yr Nails Done (E*Rock Remix)
11 Black Baby Disco Club (Copy Remix)

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