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Do Me Bad Things - Time For Deliverance

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 19 / 11 / 2004

Do Me Bad Things - Time For Deliverance
Label: Must Destroy
Format: CDS


Enjoyable slab of "indie-gospel-rock" from the one and only practicioners of the genre, Do Me Bad Things

Do Me Bad Things have produced a slab of enjoyable indie-gospel-rock here. And if such a genre didn’t exist in the past it clearly does now, even if Do Me Bad Things are currently the only practitioners of it. ‘Time for Deliverance’ has more vocal parts cross laced and interwoven than a male voice choir. Those singing and playing have a fine collection of names as well – Chantal Delusional, Kimberley Diamonde, Lewi Lewis, Rich Man, and Hurricane Tommy being the best. The song itself is a three minute race that starts off like a rock anthem before sliding into harmonising 'Bohemian Rhapsody'-era Queen then changing gear back into rock mode. It doesn’t really go anywhere though and the changes back and forth between rocking out and chilling out circle round and round like a lost driver on a roundabout. Its hard not to enjoy this, although repeated listening could make it loose some of its charm. The B-sides are promising though and Do Me Bad Things might be worth keeping an eye on, although they also suggest we may be dealing with some slightly one-trick ponies here. Still, its all fun – who cares if you’re going round and round that roundabout if there’s something fun on the stereo?

Track Listing:-
1 Time for Deliverance
2 Slap Yourself
3 Barrytown

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