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Do Me Bad Things - Yes !

  by Philip Vincent

published: 18 / 5 / 2005

Do Me Bad Things - Yes !
Label: Must Destroy
Format: CD


Dire debut album from the hightly touted Do me Bad Things, which totally fails to live up to the hype

What an opening riff ! F**king awesome if you will excuse my language. But then, Oh God, the singing starts. Okay, so it's in tune and has a melody, but I want balls-to-the-wall high octane cock rock riffing after an intro like that. No, what I in fact get though sounds like a 3-piece girl pop group with a bad producer. In fact as I think about it, the whole record sounds to me like some arsehole forced a hard rock band into being the backing band for some new girl group. Promising them that they will get their own record contract out of it and then telling them that it was all lies, resulting in the rock band deciding to put hard rock backings to all the songs. Now that I have explained it like that it sounds quite cool to me, But alas, poor reader, it isn’t. I am trying desperately hard to find something positive to say about this record and it's becoming quite hard. The drum beat and general vibe on the fifth track 'Off the Hook' is pretty cool with a good hip hop vibe to it and then BAM! The friggin guitar kicks in and although it has a nice Queen feel to it to start with it soon resorts back to the standard cock rock with no sparkle riffing. Anyway I am meant to be finding good things about the record. The guitar tones are pretty strong and there is almost an A-Z of 1970’s disco pop sounds included on the record which is fine for a bit of nostalgia. All in all though this is a pretty dire opening record for a band that I had heard so much about from the rest of our glorious music press. I will probably be eating my words in a year's time when I am dancing my ass off to them at Half Ten at night at some festival somewhere thinking how cool they are, but right now it’s crap.

Track Listing:-
1 Time For Deliverance
2 What's Hideous
3 Sprezzatura
4 The Song Rides
5 Off The Hook
6 Liv Ullman On Drums (Move In Stereo)
7 Molly's Wood
8 Suburban Flame
9 The Daily Grind
10 Hold On

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What's Hideous (2005)
Flawed attempt at combining 1970’s style hard rock with disco tunes from the same era from the much hyped Do Me Bad Things
Time For Deliverance (2004)

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