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Wreckless Eric - Bungalow Hi

  by Geraint Jones

published: 27 / 9 / 2004

Wreckless Eric - Bungalow Hi
Label: Southern Domestic
Format: CD


Welcome return for the inimitable Wreckless Eric, back six years after his last album and proving that "his prowess for a memorable pop hook as well as his barbed sense of humour certainly haven’t deserted him"

Six years since his last album and more than twenty five since he recorded classic Stiff-era singles like ‘Whole Wide World’ and ‘Reconnez Cherie’, Wreckless Eric has made a fascinating return to the fray with ‘Bungalow Hi’ which should remind anyone who might have forgotten he was still around that his musical endeavours are far from over. That elusive big smash might still be further away than ever but high praise is due to him for not treading water or attempting to rehash past glories. Much more experimental in construction than anything he’s attempted previously, ‘Bungalow Hi’ utilises cut and paste and sampling into much looser sometimes almost free-form arrangements, which while arguably lacking in focus at times is nevertheless an often bittersweet, occasionally curmudgeonly, often deeply funny and engrossing account of suburban Britain as seen through the eyes of a truly unique performer. Running just over an hour in duration ‘Bungalow Hi’ incorporates a fascinating potpourri of musical styles. Although not always an easy listen and I’m sure it was never intended to be, it remains captivating throughout irrespective of that. And Wreckless Eric as often tantalises the listener, demonstrating that his prowess for a memorable pop hook as well as his barbed sense of humour certainly haven’t deserted him -‘33s + 45s’ and ‘Local’ are both ample evidence of that! Not that he ever really went away - sporadic bursts of activity with outfits like the Captains Of Industry and the Len Bright Combo as well occasional solo efforts over the years have kept the faithful in tow - but 'Bungalow Hi' marks a more than welcome return for his inimitable and all too rare pop vision and will hopefully entice a few new disciples into the fold.

Track Listing:-
1 Bungalow Hi
2 Same
3 Ladypower
4 33s + 45s
5 Magnificent Party
6 The Sell-By Date
7 Continuity Girl
8 The Sound Of Your Living Room (Part I)
9 The Sound Of Your Living Room (Part II)
10 Zulus
11 Local
12 Housewives

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