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Weevil - Drunk On Light

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 15 / 9 / 2004

Weevil - Drunk On Light
Label: Wichita
Format: CD


Second album from the much-acclaimed Weevil, who have taken 1980's Kraftwerk-style anthems and given them a contemporary twist

On 'Drunk Upon Light', Weevil's second album. method run elektronica neatly accompanies articulate, slightly posh vocals. The sound of their name, Weevil - we evil, ha! get it? - still comes as something of a surprise as 'Drunk Upon Light' continues in the mould set by the sweet and sulky elektronica pop of their self-titled debut. Truly Weevilesque the band shares with the insect the gift to nibble from the fresh stuff.   Harmony singing on 'Out of Time'.with a slight delay between the two vocals overwhelmingly opens the album Crystal clear keyboard sounds lift the tracks to the level of orchestral beauty but wait! On comes a guitar, as if descending from the Highlands. Next comes a string of polished hooks. And exactly as it seems, Weevil balance pretty well inbetween the then and now.   Bridging a gap in lush loungy beats, Weevil adds 1980's minimal sounds to a 2004 pattern. The realms of Kraftwerk anthems with a contemporary yet AFX twist define the value of this new Weevil album. 'Drunk Upon Light' is a wonderful pop pastiche yet intimate at the same time and perhaps a bit too civilised for today's standards. Try filing next to Pet Shop Boys and Eno's  'Another Green World'.

Track Listing:-
1 Out Of Time
2 Half Smile
3 Too Long Sleeping
4 Silver Rails
5 Handburn
6 Splinters
7 Fragment
8 A Million Things
9 Bytecry
10 No End Soon
11 On Wires

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