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Phony - First Love

  by Chris Jones

published: 5 / 8 / 2003

Phony - First Love
Label: Firestation Tower
Format: CD


Familiar -sounding , but eclectic indiepop on debut full length album from Berlin-based band, Phony

This debut full length from Berlin based Phony is filled with soothing pop songs that go well with a warm summer day. The songs have a breezy, easy vibe about them and each seems familiar in some way, though I couldn't always put my finger on why. Maybe that's because a number of styles are spanned over the course of the twelve songs on this album. The first two tracks ('Time Won't Change Me' and 'Good Times') are mellow guitar pop tunes with acoustic and electric guitar, as well as piano and strings. These two songs get things started on that lazy summer day vibe that flows through the rest of the album and they're probably my favourite two songs on the album. 'If You Can't Love Yourself' then comes in with an almost cheesy, swanky feel that instantly had me thinking of Orange Juice. I thought this song must have been a cover of someone, yet it's a Phony original according to the liner notes. The fourth song, 'Way Back Home', is a 60's pop affair, but I can't name the parties involved. I kept thinking the Kinks ('The Village Green...' era) meets the United States of America, but I'm not sure. Maybe that's because the very next song had completely different bands popping into my mind! 'Luxury' had me back with Orange Juice and maybe even the Style Council. Synth tones, hand claps, a beat you can dance to and smooth vocals. and then next thing you know it's distorted guitars that have the Boo Radleys ('Giant Steps' album) coming into the picture. Can this be right??? 'It's You' starts us heading back towards a mellow summer vibe with female backing vocals and a cool organ tone and 'Being You' puts us fully back in step with the first two songs on the album. Though I suppose we never really got out of step along the way after all. The style and pace may change, but Phony always has that easy feeling about them. and while they did remind me of a number of bands along the way, it felt familiar and not fake. And familiar is nice.

Track Listing:-
1 Time Won't Change Me
2 Good Times
3 If You Can't Love Yourself
4 Way Back Home
5 Luxury
6 I Wen't Through Fire
7 It's You
8 Being Me
9 I'm On My Way
10 In The End
11 Tomorrow
12 Perfect Day

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Good Times. Silent Place EP (2001)
My attention was drawn to Phony because their drummer is in Le Hammond Inferno. Do not, however, be fooled by this – Phony are not in the least bit like Le Hammond Inferno. They have their own idenit

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