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Air Formation - Ends In Light

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 24 / 3 / 2003

Air Formation - Ends In Light
Label: Drive In
Format: CD


"Captivating" space rock on debut full length album by Brighton four piece Air Formation

'Ends In Light' is the debut full length album by Brighton band Air Formation. The 4 piece band have already released one self-titled, mini album on Drive-In Records. 'Ends In Light' has been released on Claire Records, as the band's forthcoming album 'Stay Inside/Feel Everything' will also be. If you look closely at the cover of 'Ends In Light' after you have listened to it, you will find that it relates to the music perfectly. A photo of a blue sky with floating creamy clouds has the same captivating spirit as that of the music on the album. 'Take It Easy' is composed of trembling instrumental sounds, which steers in the vocals as another essential instrument in that sound . You can never really catch what the lyrics are here, or anywhere else on the album, as they remain on an equal level with the uplifting, but blurry music. 'Other Ways Round' faithfully maintains the airy style of the rest of album. There is of element of easiness in the music that allows its vigorous sound to absorb it easily. The music becomes more focused half way through the album on 'Still' and almost jingly on 'Long Way Out To Me'. The purely instrumental 'Ends In Light' closes the album with a glaring electric echo. 'Ends In Light' can be interpreted, despite its vocals, as an instrumental concept album. The music takes off gently at the beginning, and then flies you miles away as one track glides into another. At the end it disappears with the lightest motion. Air Formation certainly couldn't have chosen a more expressive name as regards their music.

Track Listing:-
1 Take It Easy
2 Slow You Down
3 Other Ways Round
4 In Formation
5 Still
6 Brightest Star At Night
7 Long Way Out Of Me
8 Clearer Closer
9 Ends In Light

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Brighton space rock band Air Formation have recently released their stunning full-length debut album, "Ends in Light'. Olga Sladeckova speaks to frontman Matt Bartram about it, and the group's plans for the future

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