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Mustard Plug - Yellow 5

  by Alex Halls

published: 15 / 11 / 2002

Mustard Plug - Yellow 5
Label: Hopeless
Format: CD


5th album from long-serving Californian-based punk act that "colourfully blends together racy, thrill-inciting tracks with a mellowed ska vibe"

'Yellow #5' is not the commercialised sound of Reel Big Fish or Less Than Jake that we have become so used to hearing with the ska-punk genre; this time it is for real, this time it is Mustard Plug! Rocking the ska-punk world for 11 years, the sextet that are Mustard Plug are in their element here, with their 5th full-length release. 'Yellow #5' has been released on the Californian based label, Hopeless Records, and colourfully blends together racy, thrill-inciting tracks with a mellowed ska vibe. Yellow #5 is the common name for the colouring agent, Tartrazine, which is rumoured to have an ill effect on the size of male genitalia. The album opens with one of the most cheerful songs in existence; ironic really, if the rumours are true. The dulcet ska tones of 'Not Enough' are merged together with lead singer Dave Kirchgessner’s caustic voice. 'Safe', the standout track, is the most savage of the songs on the album, taking up a more passionate punk style. If you like punk, you won't be able to say no to this delight. This is not to mean that the other tracks fail in any way; they are splendid also but concentrate on the ska element a little more. Behind all this vivaciousness are depressing lyrics, evident especially on the chorus of 'Already Gone': “Pushing, pulling, stretching, trying hard to force it into shape. But the harder we work it, the less it will ever be the same.” Never gauge a song simply on its outer appearance ! Here, Mustard Plug make that a little bit harder. This release is the pinnacle of Mustard Plug’s career. They have provided, despite the negativity of the lyrics, some joyful sounding ska, but leave it up to the listener to choose whether to while away the hours in chilled fashion or to skank madly. Ska-punk releases tend to be short and 'Yellow #5' is no exception. It is good enough, however, to play on repeat, so, there, the problem is solved.

Track Listing:-
1 Not Enough
2 Get It Goin’ On
3 The Park
4 You Want It, We Got It
5 Already Gone
6 Safe
7 Just A Minute
8 No One But Myself
9 Your Secret
10 In Your Face
11 Sorry Now

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