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Melee (2004)

Everyday Behaviour
Excellent American sub punk pop on debut album from Melee, which fuses together the best moment of the Foo Fighters with Blink 182

Mustard Plug (2002)

Yellow 5
5th album from long-serving Californian-based punk act that "colourfully blends together racy, thrill-inciting tracks with a mellowed ska vibe"

Various (2002)

Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol 4
Decidely mixed fourth offering, consisting entirely of unreleased tracks, in cheap CD sampler series from American indie hardcore label, Hopelessly Devoted to You



Hopeless Records
Interview with Louis Posen Miscellaneous - Interview with Louis Posen

Born out of very humble circumstances, Hopeless Records is now of America's largest punk labels. Founder Louis Posen chats to Olga Sladeckova about his label's ten year history

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