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Zoppo - Les Aumonts

  by Caleb Smith

published: 21 / 1 / 2002

Zoppo - Les Aumonts
Label: Transformed Dreams
Format: CD


Eclectic release from Dutch guitar indie pop band that proves to be so evocative that "you can almost smell the hazy warmth and taste the electricity of summer thunderstorms", and which is "definitely the soundtrack of new and hopeless love."

The first few times that I played (and loved) this album, I’d pulled the stereo out and disconnected one of the wires… imagine my joy when I found there was a whole other speaker full of sound just a the end of the play button. Sound wise the reference points are varied and just distant enough to make you think before waving….but I s’pose Versus, the Valentines and Lou Barlow’s aching vocals with the overlooked brilliance of Jason Lowenstein’s music are in the same area code. The dulcet picked guitars are never overplayed or forced; they just sit back on top of the washes of strings and feedback while a subtle percussive flow ebbs in and out. Each track is so translucent and open it seems strange that there’s so little space for unnecessary clutter, and even though its beautifully ordered for me there’s still stand out moments, the drum sounds on 'Zoppo', the hushed boy /girl vocal on 'Starlight Starbright’ that makes you melt, and I’m sure 'Flashback 'rips a lyric from XTC’s 'Senses Working Overtime.' The sleeve has a picture of summer (do they fade or was it just the chemicals they used in the 70’s ?).You can almost smell the hazy warmth and taste the electricity of summer thunderstorms; this is definitely the soundtrack of new and hopeless love.

Track Listing:-
1 Les Aumonts
2 Zoppo Is Finished
3 Chick With The Leak
4 Starlight Starbright
5 Avant Asta
6 Flashback
7 The Sky Is Full Of It
8 To Keep Us Occupied
9 The Middle

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