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Caleb Smith


Would Be Goods

"Intoxicating mix of innocence, joy and bitterness" from Newcastle's Spraydog on their third album 'Mint Hand'
Sparsely eclectic and distinctive album from the Fortuna Pop indie pop label that in the space of its sixteen tracks" brings to mind Gaelic 60's pop, Nick Cave, the Mamas and Papas, and English folk."
Gripping, acoustic homage to eighties C86 band Biff Bang Pow by Brighton group, Lovejoy
Eclectic release from Dutch guitar indie pop band that proves to be so evocative that "you can almost smell the hazy warmth and taste the electricity of summer thunderstorms", and which is "definitely the soundtrack of new and hopeless love."

Bunsen Honeydew
Pale Man Made
Neville Clay

"Amalgamation of natural resonance, organic tones, analogue hiss and speaker damaging pops and clicks" that have "the ability to make you float in an ocean or to lose yourself to Atari armageddon."
Hailing from NYC Bunsen Honeydew have a live reputation for being able to reach noise levels that can stun at twenty paces, but decibels aren’t the only force pulling the band. “Transistor” is driven
The first full length outing from Newcastle’s Pale Man Made doesn’t see them resting on their laurels after their well-received 'Inchberry' EP. Leaving behind the desire to fall into motorik locked gr
Although singer songwriters often find themselves propping up images of hippy ideals and thick knit jumpers, this is not so much a folk album, but more an exercise in stripping things back to there

Tuesday Weld

Goldstoned inhabit a world of wide screen cinema, in full Technicolor and glorious stereo sound, when air travel was decadent and the word "kitsch" had little relevance. Weaving a path that's somehow
Although moving in a similar shiny throw away pop orbit as Beck or the Pizzicato 5, there's something slightly more sinister to the sampledelia found on this new Real Tuesday Weld EP. 'I Love the Rain
A new EP for Spraydog on the Stupid Cat label and yet again it's another diamond in the rough. At this point it might as well be said that I love Spraydog with a passion. If you've already been smitt

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