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Struts - Pretty Vicious

  by Zena Grieg

published: 5 / 12 / 2023

Struts - Pretty Vicious
Label: Polydor
Format: Select Format


Vibrant combination of rock and pop on fourth album rom glam-influenced Derby band The Struts

Derby Brit Rock quartet ‘The Struts’, previously supporting act for a wealth of bands including the Rolling Stones, the Who and Def Leppard, have brought out their fourth album. The record is an appealing mix of rock and pop, described by lead singer Luke Siller as one which “ showcases each individual member’s strengths.” Songs to listen out for in this eleven-track collection include: the opener and lead single 'Too Good At Raising Hell’ with its inspired riff and declaration of disaffection with rock and roll excess: “…I’m living my best/I’m still bored to death”; the title track with its propelling classic rock beat; the piano-led ballad ‘Hands On Me’ with its self-deprecating lyrics: “It must be bad ‘cause all my friends are recommending therapy…/“The only way I know how long that you’ve been gone/Is how all the mould on the dishes seems to grow”; T-Rex inspired rocker ‘Do What You Want’; full-throttle ‘Rock Star’ with its layered vocals; the heartfelt, emotive ‘Bad Decisions’: ”Feel like I’m barely holding on/…I’m left here all by myself alone/With my bad decisions”; catchy ‘Better Love’; and the stripped-back closer, the reflective, upbeat ballad ‘Somebody Someday’ with its saxophone outro. Colourful, enigmatic, at times unashamedly glam and camp, ‘Pretty Vicious’ is a vibrant record with attitude, which captures the energy of the Struts' live gigs.

Track Listing:-
1 Too Good At Raising Hell
2 Pretty Vicious
3 I Won’t Run
4 Hands On Me
5 Do What You Want
6 Rockstar
7 Remember The Name
8 Bad Decisions
9 Better Love
10 Gimme Some Blood
11 Somebody Someday

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