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House of Blues, Chicago, 24/11/2018

Struts - House of Blues, Chicago, 24/11/2018

Lisa Torem is mesmerised by charismatic and energetic British rockers The Struts when they head out to Chicago for a House of Blues gig.

Bottom Lounge, Chicago, 28/7/2016

Struts - Bottom Lounge, Chicago, 28/7/2016

Lisa Torem watches British band the Struts play an action-packed set at the Bottom Lounge to a crowd of late night Chicagoans on Lollapalooza eve

Aragon Chicago, 5/12/2015

Struts - Aragon Chicago, 5/12/2015

Lisa Torem watches as frontman Luke Spiller and the Struts cast a spell on a young audience at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom.

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