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Nile Marr - Night and Day, Manchester, 2/5/2019

  by Amanda J. Window

published: 14 / 6 / 2019

Nile Marr - Night and Day, Manchester, 2/5/2019


Amanda J Window watches and photographs Nile Marr play an intimate set on the first night of a residency at Night and Day in Manchester to promote his second solo album, ‘Are You Happy Now?'.

Nile Marr put on his own performance during a series of live events, whilst in residence, at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester. Old band mate and bassist Callum Rogers from their former band Man Made appeared on stage with him. Arriving on stage a fashionable 15 minutes late while he changed into a sequinned trimmed suit, Nile picked up the guitar and started strumming right away. Having just completed his second solo album ‘Are You Happy Now?’, he was keen to share his new material and launched straight into a new track, 'Soft Sculptures, which was followed by 'Hush'. Having a big pair of boots to fill (his father is Johnny Marr,) Nile put on a great performance and did so confidently even when he forgot the chords of one of the new tracks - he just brushed it off as “stage nerves”, which could well have been true as this was the opening night. The new songs were foot-tappingly good, and if I could put my money on a track to be released as a single it would have to be the title track. Nile is an excellent guitarist, and does have his own distinctive style on stage in which he's definitely not playing copycat to his dad. Nile's set was a short ten track set and ended with 'Being There'. I spoke to fans after the show, and they seemed to have followed him from his first band and liked his new records. It was a good night at one of my favourite venues, the only problem being getting used to a new camera system in very low light - but it certainly didn't spoil the night. He is definitely an artist I would go and see again. Keep up the good tunes, Nile! And on that note...(excuse the pun)...Nile is playing at Night & Day Cafe again in June if you missed him this time round. Photos by Amanda J Window www.amandajwindow.com

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Nile Marr - Night and Day, Manchester, 2/5/2019

Nile Marr - Night and Day, Manchester, 2/5/2019

Nile Marr - Night and Day, Manchester, 2/5/2019

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