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Orchestra of Spheres - Mirror

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 10 / 12 / 2018

Orchestra of Spheres - Mirror
Label: Fire Records
Format: CD


Enthralling mix of African, Asian, European and even New Zealand influences on excellent latest album from Orchestra of Spheres

Orchestra Of Spheres' trick of trade is merging styles from West Africa, Asia and Europe. Moving around the hips at first - think of William Onyeabor's magic touch from 1990's Nigeria - 'Mirror' then takes you places you probably never ever thought possible. Orchestra Of Spheres line up in such a way to remind one of the great late Onyeabor. In order to understand, you'd have to go back to Onyeabor's music and next on to Orchestra Of Spheres. Orchestra Of Spheres mash out this gritty touch with screeching guitars on 'Omni Omni'. Their itinerary is awash with excursions into jazz, afrobeat and freeform from all over the globe. 'Mirror', however, reflects even much more that. Clumsy some of the time, 'Mirror' reaches a genuine highlight on 'Sandpiper'. The album's next highlight comes from the harmony singing on 'Black & White'. Towards the album's end one probably ponders where on Earth, Wales and Africa would meet. On 'Mirror', I would say. Orchestra Of Spheres travel about as as if they are in a circus, performing skills and showing tricks. On 'Mirror'they show off in big style. The lazy kiwi touch to this wealth of styles works like the marmalade spread on your toast.

Track Listing:-
1 Mirror
2 Āta
3 Chimes
4 Sandpiper
5 Summer Fungus
6 Black & White
7 Omni
8 Omni Omni
9 Koudede
10 Foggy Day

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