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Nightingales - Become Not Becoming

  by Lisa Torem

published: 8 / 2 / 2017

Nightingales - Become Not Becoming
Label: Tiny Global Productions
Format: 10"


Abrasive but adventurous new 10-inch vinyl EP from Birmingham post-punk act the Nightingales

‘Becoming Not Becoming’ is the Nightingales' latest punk offering and is available as a 10-inch EP. The Birmingham group, which rose from the ashes of the Prefects, was founded by charismatic Robert Lloyd. ‘B-Side at Best’ is comprised of sweeping, rhythmic changes, at times, cleverly ushered in by a stark metronomic pulse. The vocals grow exponentially creepy as the electric guitar growls in opposition. The catchy vocals in the outro. joyfully bring to mind the B-52's ‘In’ follows. Voices and fuzzy guitar exchange licks. There’s a humourous contrast between the wild feminine chanting and the heavy masculine droning. The lyric, “Unabashed, unashamed, unaware,” resounds after we’re greeted with a simple “welcome.” Leave it to the Nightingales to keep listeners on their tip-toes. ‘Too Post to Push’ relies on a petulant intro. which soon yields a simmering epilogue. It’s zany fan as we hear “We’re all in this together,” but when the cacophony escalates, reach for the cotton balls. Far more gratifying is the zesty patchwork, ‘The Divorce That Never Was’. The droning bass line and cyclonic lead guitar create a palpable wall of sound. Some shades of the poet/vocalist Jim Morrison lurch above the throbbing din. Then there’s ‘Booze and Broads and Beauty’ where spoken word, Asiatic scales and a somewhat scatological theme provides a prelude to a surprise scolding. The last tune, ‘Drown’ showcases a myriad of talents, but unfortunately, this abbreviated chestnut never quite has a chance to simmer and we’re kind of left hanging, hoping for more. But then the title, ‘Becoming Not Becoming’ suggests that The Nightingales’ prefer to pursue the adventurous and the mysterious path rather than one which is predictable and staid.

Track Listing:-
1 B Side At Best
2 In
3 Too Posh To Push
4 The Divorce That Never was
5 Booze And Broads And Beauty
6 Drown

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