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Nightingales - No Love Lost

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 3 / 5 / 2012

Nightingales - No Love Lost
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Format: CD


Fiery and socially aware, yet bleakly comical first album in four years Birmingham-based punks, the Nightingales

I am usually weary of old school punks reuniting, but the first Nightingales album in four years is the most pleasant of shocks. Refreshingly down-to-earth, Robert Lloyd grunts like a shining beast in a bluesy new wave manner on it. In rhyming pornographic stimulus with ludicrous, genius with frivolous and incredulous, from dawn to dusk with raise a gush, he sets the Brummie tone for this stern ride. A weird kind of glitter rock skiffle crops up on the fourth track,'Real Gone Daddy', at which stage their twist and shout antics become completely irresistible. Since the Nightingales joined up with stand-up comedian Ted Chippington in the late 1980s on 'Rockin' with Rita (Head To Toe)', a particular sense of seaside trip fun has never left their sound. The Nightingales took off to Conny Plank's Cologne studio where they last abandoned their rocket, and once there have embarked on the mission very much of their own. They have brought back their rudimental socio-melodies in a new and rather bright setting. Self-produced, the album again is message over music. Betrayal builds up the red thread on 'No Love Lost' and yet Nightingales twitter deep and bitter truths. 'Screw things up then press refresh,' Lloyd sings about entering the digital age, before adding 'The Future playing hide-and-seek' and expressing yet greater doubt with it, but this album moves beyond any presumed Luddite point. With tons of 'rowch rumble' and seemingly chirpy chip shop chatter, Nightingales run to the bungle. In the studio of their choice, Nightingales may have recorded their finest album yet.

Track Listing:-
1 Ace of Hearts
2 Born Yesterday
3 The Done Thing
4 Real Gone Daddy
5 Best of British Luck
6 Say It With Flowers
7 The Burster
8 The Dishwater Kid
9 Someone for Everyone
10 Sentimental Dunce
11 Mutton to Lamb
12 The World of Nothing Really
13 Dick the Do-Gooder

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