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Wand - Boston Music Room, London, 4/11/2016

  by Chris O'Toole

published: 22 / 12 / 2016

Wand - Boston Music Room, London, 4/11/2016


Chris O' Toole watches Los Angeles-based psychedelic rockers Wand play an eclectic but ultimately unsatisfactory set at the Boston Music Rooms in London

“Fuck history,” exclaims Cory Hanson, leader singer and focal point of Los Angeles-based psychedelic rockers Wand. While he is referring to a claim made by indie band Oasis in recent documentary ‘Supersonic’, it seems to be a bold claim for a band so obviously indebted to their musical forbearers. Throughout the course of their performance at Boston Music Rooms in North London, Hanson tries on various costumes, doing passable impersonations of everybody from Frank Zappa and David Bowie to Green Day main-man Billie Joe Armstrong. While most of these poses come off relatively well, Hanson’s, and therefore Wand’s, real personality are somewhat lost under the various disguises. Dressed this evening as though he has come directly from the trading floor in 1980's Wall Street, Hanson leads Wand through a series of smart, taught numbers, each more dextrous than the last. Wand thrive on their technical ability, relentlessly showcasing their proficiency as each song wizzes past. While these skills certainly wow the younger audience members near the stage – who jump about madly as tracks from new album '1000 Days' come and go – the show left older hands at the back a little cold. Bravura ability is certainly to be applauded, but Wand can seem directionless, heading off in myriad directions during a single song. ‘The Unexplored Map’ and ‘Self Hypnosis in 3 Days’, both from previous album 'Golem', prove to be highlights of the show, hurtling past in a sweaty frenzy, but many other tracks lack identity, merging seamlessly together. Wand certainly have talent in spades, but they’ll need to learn less can be more if they want to start playing the bigger stages.

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Wand - Boston Music Room, London, 4/11/2016

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