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Die Nerven - Out

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 23 / 12 / 2015

Die Nerven - Out
Label: Glitterhouse Records
Format: CD


German post-punk outfit Die Nerven deliver superb and quickly delivered third full-length album

Die Nerven originally formed as a two-piece around 2010 in Esslingen in the South of Germany. They have since expanded to become a three-piece featuring Julian Knoth, Max Rieger and Kevin Kuhn, and the addition of a third member has allowed Die Nerven to add a bit more noise to their already noisy post-punk selves. Die Nerven have wasted no time at all in the five years since their inception, having released now two full-length albums ‘Fluidum’ and 2014’s ‘Fun’. ‘Out', their third album, shows no shortage of ideas or passion. Nestling somewhere between the post punk-meets-goth of Bauhaus and the low-fi-meets-grunge of Sonic Youth the band create a haunting yet melodic sound that is unsettling and completely enthralling. ‘Out’ is both a modern take onf the previously mentioned bands, while the production is clear and concise but does not lack any life or charisma. Seldom do bands manage to marry these elements so well. ‘Jugen Ohne Geld’ and ‘Gerarde Deswegen’ have echoes of the latest Refused album with a slick and clean sound managing to sound frantic, like they have complete control over the wild beast that lies within. Make no mistakes, this is not tame but nor is it loud and angry without meaning. ‘Den Tag Vergessen’ has shades of jazz thrown in and works perfectly at beefing up that unhinged feel, and opens the album up that bit more freeing the shackles of the otherwise disciplined feel. The mid-section songs of the album, ‘Iphone’ and Gerade Deswegen’, are perfectly executed slices of forward moving indie-rock music that would please fans of Bloc Party and Foals, the only main noticeable difference being that the band sing in their mother tongue. ‘Ich Habe Gelogen’ begins to wrap up the album in an almost upbeat manner but that darkness creeps through somehow. It reminded me of Mansun in many ways. The final song, ‘Hast Du Was Gesagt’, ends the album perfectly with a deathly quiet verse bursting into a frenzied chorus. ‘Out’ is a superb album that has a refined craziness about it. Die Nerven manage to fit enough of everything in just the right amount to make a perfectly formed piece.

Track Listing:-
1 Die Unschuld in Person
2 Barfuß durch die Scherben
3 Jugend ohne Geld
4 Dreck
5 iPhone
6 Den Tag vergessen
7 Gerade deswegen
8 Wüste
9 Ich habe gelogen
10 Hast du was gesagt

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