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Cinerama - Valentina

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 5 / 7 / 2015

Cinerama - Valentina
Label: Scopitones
Format: CD


Fine fourth album from Cinerama, the first since 2002's 'Torino', which finds David Gedge and his bandmates reworking the Wedding Present's latest album with an orchestra

Back in the late 1990s, Wedding Present frontman David Gedge decided to put his now legendary indiepop combo on hold and instead formed Cinerama, which was initially intended to be a kind of solo project for him. While the Wedding Present had become famous for their ”wall of guitars”-sound, Cinerama took on a different approach, and instead went for a more orchestrated and well-arranged sound. Cinerama went on to release three albums, until Gedge realized they were starting to sound more and more like the Wedding Present again. So, for the 2005 album 'Take Fountain', he took up his old band name again, but with a slightly different line-up. From then on, the Wedding Present have continued to released occasional albums every now , including their eighth album, 'Valentina', which came out three years ago. Now Gedge,together with an orchestra and some additional members of the band, has re-recorded this entire Wedding Present album in classic Cinerama style! This is actually a really great idea, and this re-working is excellent. Instead of the guitar-heavy songs on the Wedding Presnent version of 'Valentina', we are now treated to some delightful, laid-back songs, ranging from easy listening to baroque pop. Apart from being a fine album, this is also a great proof of how much David Gedge has evolved as a singer. He had developed from growling on the early Wedding present singles singles to... well... crooning. Impressive! It's hard not to compare the two versions of 'Valentina' to each other, but I think that's unnecessary. Both albums are great stand-alone works, and the re-workings are just an additional treat. And yes, it's nice to have Cinerama back.

Track Listing:-
1 You're Dead
2 You Jane
3 Meet Cute
4 Back A Bit... Stop
5 Stop Thief!
6 The Girl From The DDR
7 Deer Caught In The Headlights
8 524 Fidelio
9 End Credits
10 Mystery Date
11 Cita A Ciegues

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