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Cinerama - John Peel Sessions Season 2

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 8 / 5 / 2003

Cinerama - John Peel Sessions Season 2
Label: Scorpitones
Format: CD


Second collection of sessions recorded for Radio 1 DJ John Peel between 2000 and 2001 by former Wedding Present star David Gedge's current band, Cinerama

David Gedge's Cinerama have now delivered 8 albums of which 3 are studio recorded albums. Two of them compile 4 singles together and feature both their A and B sides. One is a live album from L.A. The other two, including this new album, are collections of sessions recorded for the John Peel radio show. Cinerama is our Dave's third band. His most famous band, the Wedding Present ,broke through on N.M.E.'s infamous C86 tape. The Wedding Present were always fast, furious and very punk, but David also always had a romantic and cinematic side to him and it had to come out. With that in mind Cinerama were born. The music of Mr. Gedge was adopted very early on by John Peel back in the days of the Wedding Present. Countless sessions have followed of which a number have been released. 'John Peel Sessions : Season 2' consists of 3 sessions recorded over the period of a year. These show that Mr. Gedge is very much a romantic. His tales of long lost love would raise the beat of a heart to a fury even in the softest of fellows and lassies. These songs are more European flavoured and are of a more mature nature than those of the Wedding Present. Cinerama still have a punky edge live though and they still play on average 4 Wedding Present songs songs a set for the audience's older fans. 'John Peel Sessions : Season 2' was recorded between 2000 - 2001 at Maida Vale. After Cinerama finish their current travels across Britain, they will return there for a new Peel session before carrying on working on their new album which David has started to write already.These songs are in widescreen and cinemascope so those with their visions in mono and black and white need not apply.

Track Listing:-
1 Your Charms
2 Heels
3 Après Ski
4 Superman
5 Because I'm Beautiful
6 Lollobrigida (French Version)
7 Sly Curl
8 Yesterday Once More
9 Careless
10 Get Smart
11 Quick, Before It Melts
12 Health and Efficiency

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