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Allo Darlin' - Deaf Institute, Manchester, 20/11/2014

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 8 / 12 / 2014

Allo Darlin' - Deaf Institute, Manchester, 20/11/2014


Dixie Ernill finds the underrated Allo Darlin on exuberant form at a show at the Deaf Institute in Manchester

You know it’s a proper gig when the set list is scribbled on the back of fag packet, and the band have one or two technical gremlins/tuning issues to content with mid-show. You also know it’s an Allo Darlin’ gig when you leave with a whopping great smile plastered across your face, because yet again the band have put on a whole-hearted energetic performance of great indie pop. Singer, songwriter, guitarist and ukulele player Elizabeth Morris is the main focal point as she rarely keeps still, but fellow Aussie Bill Botting on bass also has a tendency to treat his part of the stage as a trampoline, while an unusually hatless Paul Rains on guitar is no shrinking violet either. And so to the songs. With excellent new album 'We Come from the Same Place' having just been released, it is no surprise that half the set is drawn from it. 'Wonderland' from 2012 album 'Europe' opens up proceedings, before a lively 'Half Heart Necklace' and the romantic 'Crickets in the Rain' are a stunning couplet from the new LP. Homage to Elizabeth’s Queensland home, 'Capricornia', is next up, before more gems from 'We Come from the Same Place' in the shape of 'History Lessons' and 'Romance and Adventure' scoot effortlessly by. Bill shares the vocal duties with Elizabeth on old single 'Dreaming' which is only eclipsed as a set highlight by the hauntingly beautiful 'Tallulah', which is performed by just Elizabeth and her trusty ukulele. You can hear a pin drop in the audience as she weaves her magic through a delightful memory of her most formative years in Australia to the soundtrack of the classic Go Betweens' album of the same name. Truly wonderful. Before the band close the show with the jaunty 'Silver Dollars' from their debut LP, Paul makes his singing debut on current single 'Bright Eyes' in a playful duet with Elizabeth. There’s just about time for a quick encore of 'My Heart is a Drummer' to thrill the crowd for a final time. Why this band aren’t huge is beyond me.

Also at Deaf Institute, Manchester

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Allo Darlin' - Deaf Institute, Manchester, 20/11/2014

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