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Wooden Wand - Farmer's Corner

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 12 / 6 / 2014

Wooden Wand - Farmer's Corner
Label: Fire Records
Format: CD


Dreamy mix of folk, blues and stripped-back psychedelia on latest album from Wooden Wand, the moniker for American musician James Jackson Toth

This is an album steeped in Americana. Written and recorded in fits and spurts, Wooden Wand – aka James Jackson Toth – travelled around the United States, his non-more American musical stylings have been enhanced tenfold. These songs are dusty, sun-scorched stories delivered in a mix of folk, blues and stripped-back psychedelia. Toth’s lyrics are always witty and engaging, and on his first self-produced album that remains as true as ever. Here we have a range of characters from ditch-diggers, outlaws and insomniacs who travel the same dusty roads and cinematic landscapes. The album was apparently recorded sporadically in four different studios across three states, but somehow it manages to remain a confidently cohesive record. It’s a great album, perfect for putting on after a barbeque, as the sun start toset, the stars slowly coming into view as you get lost in Wooden Wand’s characterful folklore.

Track Listing:-
1 Alpha Dawn
2 Uneasy Peace
3 When the Trail Goes Cold
4 Adie
5 Dambuilding
6 Sinking Feelings
7 Home Horizon
8 Port of Call
9 Gone to Stay

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