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Butcher Boy - Helping Hands

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 10 / 9 / 2011

Butcher Boy - Helping Hands
Label: Damaged Goods
Format: CD


Emotive literary-influenced indie pop on third album from underrated Glaswegian-based band, Butcher Boy

Butcher Boy have already gained a fair amount of critical acclaim courtesy of two well received LPs ‘Profit in Your Poetry’ and ‘React or Die’, but surely it will be third time lucky in terms of widespread success with the release of ‘Helping Hands’. All the ingredients are there with a sound that plucks the best bits from the Trash Can Sinatras, early Belle and Sebastian and the Orchids. Throw in some lyrics that are as wonderfully wordy as those of Lloyd Cole or Morrissey, when they fronted the Commotions and the Smiths respectively, and everyone’s a winner. Even the sleeve cover has that grainy 80’s indie feel to it. As for the songs themselves, there are a few pleasant instrumentals mixed in with some well crafted tales that aren’t obvious but seem to be about moving on ('The Day Our Voices Broke'), love (new single 'Imperial', 'Bluebells') and loss ('Your Cousins and I'). Butcher Boy aren’t trying to create a new sound or push the musical boundaries but they are creating effecting songs that grow with every listen. Singer John Blain Hunt has a fine way making even the most obtuse lyrics sound deeply touching, and also conjuring up some beautiful imagery with lines like "I paint a chain of buttercups around your neck/I like the way the petals glow against my chest" from 'Bluebells'. I am reminded very much of little known Irish troubadour Greg Murray, which is most definitely a good thing. Butcher Boy are good enough for even the strictest vegan to cherish.

Track Listing:-
1 J Is For Jamie
2 The Day Our Voices Broke
3 Helping Hands
4 Imperial
5 Bluebells
6 T Is For Tommy
7 Parliament Hill
8 I Am The Butcher
9 Whistle And I'll Come To You
10 Russian Dolls
11 Your Cousins And I
12 Every Other Saturday

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