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Shonen Knife - Free Time

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 8 / 7 / 2011

Shonen Knife - Free Time
Label: Damnably
Format: CD


Excellent fifteenth album from punk-influenced Japanese trio and Kurt Cobain's favourite act, Shonen Knife

'Free Time' is the fifteenth album from the punky three piece Japanese girls that were Kurt Cobain's favourite band. 'Perfect Freedom' is full-on punk fury, like a Japanese Ramones doing the Beatles, big on sound, big on riffs and the perfect racket. These girls like their food and sing about it on 'Rock'n'Roll Cake'. This has more of a Phil Spector girl group sound, and is again wonderful. 'Economic Crisis' has attitude in abundance once its slow start ends, and is like Motorhead in a rush and running late. 'Do You Happen to Know?' is another furious, very fast number, while 'Capybara' has a completely different flow and is a techno-influenced track. 'An Old Stationary Shop' is sung in the enthusiastic style of the Go Gos, while 'Monster Jellyfish' is well paced and another fiery song. 'P.Y.O.' is a chunky sing-a-long track full of fun, and 'Love Song' recalls 'That's Entertainment' by the Jam. 'Star' is reminiscent of mid-period Bangles doing mid-period Beatles. The album is concluded with a faster version of 'Rock 'n' Roll Cake' and ends with a a non techno version of Capybara which recollects Trio's 'Da Da Da' if you are old enough to remember that. An excellent album!

Track Listing:-
1 Perfect Freedom
2 Rock'n'roll Cake
3 Economic Crisis
4 Do You Happen To Know
5 Capybara
6 An Old Stationary Shop
7 Monster Jellyfish
8 P.Y.O.
9 Love Song
10 Star
11 Rock'n'Roll Cake (Punk Version)
12 Capybara (Techno Version)

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