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Shonen Knife


Interview (2011)

Shonen Knife - Interview

Jamie Rowland speaks to Naoko Yamano, the guitarist/vocalist and founding member Naoko Yamano with Japanese punks about their thirty years together, and the effect of the Ramones on their work


Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 30/4/2014

Shonen Knife - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 30/4/2014

Nicky Crewe misses most of Shonen Knife's gig at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester due to their late stage arrival, but feels that it was better to have seen some of the Tokyo all girl punk trio's set rather than nothing at all

Musician, Leicester, 7/9/2012

Shonen Knife - Musician, Leicester, 7/9/2012

...while in Leicester at The Musician Anthony Strutt sets the group play an equally remarkable set of their own material under their own name

Babylon, Ottawa, 11/3/2005

Shonen Knife - Babylon, Ottawa, 11/3/2005

Japanese pop punkers Shonen Knife will celebrate their quarter-century anniversary next year. At a long awaited Ottawa show, Andrew Carver watches them play a warmly received set to a very mixed crowd


Photoscapes (2023)

Shonen Knife - Photoscapes

Rob Hadley photographs Japanese pop-punk trio Shonen Knife at a gig on their 40th Anniversary Tour at The Hare and Hounds in Birmingham.


Adventure (2016)

Enjoyable and entertaining latest album from Japanese garage rock trio, Shonen Knife

Pop Tune (2012)

Fantastic harmonic punk pop on eighteenth album from Japanese band, Shonen Knife

Free Time (2011)

Excellent fifteenth album from punk-influenced Japanese trio and Kurt Cobain's favourite act, Shonen Knife

Super Group (2010)

Excellent return to form on sixteenth album from Japanese veteran punk/grunge rockers Shonen Knife, who have included Kurt Cobain among their fans



Osaka Ramones
Cargo, London, 1/10/2012 Osaka Ramones - Cargo, London, 1/10/2012

Dan Cressey at Cargo on London watches Japanese all female punk trio Shonen Knife under the moniker of the Osaka Ramones play an incredible set of Ramones covers...

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