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Bjorn Svin - Browen

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 26 / 3 / 2010

Bjorn Svin - Browen
Label: Rump Recordings
Format: CD


Sparse, but compelling electronica on latest album from Danish experimental musician, Bjorn Svin

Bjorn Svin's development, compared to that of many musicians of his ilk, went the other way around. From techno to electronics and composition, and the craft he learned as a slave to the dancefloor has supplied him with a set of tools to brew something warm and wonderful. All the tracks on 'Browen' have an 'o' in the titles and with the exception of 'MomWree' and 'Wrom' the titles only feature the letters found in 'Browen'. Analogue to this, the music too comprises of variations on the title track 'Browen', even when majestically concealed as individual pieces. The album is full of little teasing sounds that build up compositions. The music is all about digital perfection as programmed by a humane soul. 'Browen' breathes crisp suspense in a mind-wandering manner, or even full of lust as on track 6, 'enRowen'. Svin's techno toots show on track 8, 'ROwmOR', where he sounds too much like Jeff Mills for his own good. This is about the only momentary lapse on 'Browen'. The album has a sort of schematic decomposition upon the electronic sounds wind down, spiral and swirl back to the surface. Striving to create more from less, Svin however has not set a limit to the amount of ideas on this 'Browen'. The obvious class and style make these sparse electronics an affectionate play.

Track Listing:-
1 Browen
2 bowbrow
3 owW
4 mOmWree
5 enbrO
6 enRowen
7 nnOR
8 ROwmOR
9 Oooo
10 rOOn
11 RoweR
12 BooO

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Browen (2010)
Digitally perfect and minimalist electronica on latest album from Danish composer and experimentalist, Bjorn Svin

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