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Sone Institute - Curious Memories

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 20 / 2 / 2010

Sone Institute - Curious Memories
Label: Front and Follow
Format: CD


Sweet and easy-on-the-ear introverted bedroom electronica on debut album from Sone Institute, which while breaking little new ground has several strong moments

Raising false expectations with his Sone Institute nom de plume, St Albans -based musician Roman Bezdyk in fact plays sweet little pieces of sample pop. 'Curious Memories' is full of beguiling moments as if it is a soundtrack to a merry-go-round. Funky bass, gritty slide guitar and cartoon film arrangements make a mixed bag of the overture 'Inter Asylum Cross Country/The Wind Began to Switch' before Bezdyk switches to concentrating on introverted bedroom electronica. Unpretentious lounge from the digital revolution makes easy listening, breaking no new ground get showing modest flair. A French horn on 'French Woods' gives the album its best part. The wonderful 'Sweetness Coyed' sums up 'Curious Memories' in both words and music perfectly.

Track Listing:-
1 Inter Asylum Cross Country
2 The Wind Began To Switch
3 Dark Forest - Silver Sea
4 Hobbyhorse
5 Plane Sailing Song
6 Tiny Stars Peer Over The Little Roof
7 Lazy London Ways
8 Burnt Land
9 Steps To The Sun (Part 2)
10 French Woods
11 On Tree Hill
12 Tea For Four
13 Sweetness Coyed
14 Sleep Has Its Embers

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