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Sone Institute - The Narrow Gate and the Stone Clock

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 4 / 5 / 2024

Sone Institute - The Narrow Gate and the Stone Clock
Label: Sone Institute
Format: CD


Tense electronica on latest album from Sone Institute, the project St Albans' musician and producer Roman Bezdyk

I find it futile to read press releases, but I read the one for 'The Narrow Gate and the Stone Clock' and nearly made the error of dismissing Sone Institute's new album after one superficial listen. 'The Narrow Gate and the Stone Clock’, however, proves refreshingly unpretentious, and it dwells in a rich variation of ideas. Epic, somewhat mysterious and often pulsating with a great deal of suspense, 'The Narrow Gate and the Stone Clock' makes a fancy trip, setting out with throbbing industrial rhythm patterns. Sometimes akin to house and techno music, the album even so stands close to compositional electronica or modern classical music with a plethora of inventive twists. Lengthy hard work went into this album but it sounds remarkably spontaneous, hefty as if a decathlon athlete received a conservatory education. I'm secretly praying for a version of 'The Narrow Gate and the Stone Clock' on sparkling crisp vinyl.

Track Listing:-
1 Chaos in Creation I
2 Chaos in Creation II
3 Chaos in Creation III
4 Going to Hell in a Handbasket
5 Chaos in Creation IV
6 Stumbling Upwards
7 The Middle Wave
8 Forgive-me-knots
9 Heaven in a Wallflower

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