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De Rosa - Prevention

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 27 / 5 / 2009

De Rosa - Prevention
Label: Chemikal Underground
Format: CD


Melodic Britpop on second album from Glaswegian band De Rosa, which, despite having its release put on hold for over a year, is of perfect style

Britpop explorers from sunny Scotland, where flowers bloom in an extravagant fashion, pushed forward as if the Holy Grail to search for was the greatest melody ever written. Explosive little band De Rosa have splashed it all out on their second album for Chemikal Underground. With its exquisite pop æsthetics, 'Prevention' pretends to do little else other than to offer perky fun. It remained preserved on the shelves as an album release for over a year and in the mean some darn fine poptunes lost the attention of the audience at large. All is forgiven. Let's just stress that De Rosa's second album comes as a very welcome inclusion to those which illustrate the magnificent level of songwriting of today. In spite of its truly grand harmonic choruses and equally grand melodic compositon alike, 'Prevention' rather misleadingly serves as the album title. De Rosa's second offering, if anything, has overwhelming style. So it may not provide 'Prevention' to the fullest, but it has already achieved perfection in style and songwriting. De Rosa's stylish pop flowers remain yet to be plucked. Off the album, 'Pest' plus at least another four magnificent tracks, however, all hint at greater things to come from De Rosa.

Track Listing:-
1 A Love Economy
2 Nocturne for an Absentee
3 It Helps to See You Hurt
4 Pest
5 Stillness
6 Under the Stairs
7 In Code
8 Swell
9 Flight Recorder
10 Tinto

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