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Chemikal Underground


Aidan Moffat and the Best Ofs (2009)

How to Get to Heaven from Scotland
Sometimes musically adventurous new album from Aidan Moffat, which finds him maintaining his sarcastic but provocative wit, but otherwise having moved on from his role as the former frontman with Arab Strap

De Rosa (2009)

Melodic Britpop on second album from Glaswegian band De Rosa, which, despite having its release put on hold for over a year, is of perfect style

Delgados (2001)

No Danger
This is a daring single edit of one of the tracks of The Delgados latest album 'The Great Eastern'. The singer basically can't sing, but that's the strong point about this track. There is no embarra

Radar Brothers (2001)

The Singing Hatchet
In 1994, singer/guitarist Jim Putnam figured he'd had enough of playing wiith noise pop outfits 'Medicine' and 'Maids of Gravity' and decided to form 'The Radar Bros'. Along with bandmates Steve Goo

Radar Brothers (2002)

Surrounding Mountains
Sad, but ultra-satisfying "indie folk-rock" from Californian melancholists, the Radar Brothers

Sister Vanilla (2007)

Little Pop Rock
Long-overdue debut album from Sister Vanilla, the band of Linda Reid, the sister to Jesus and Mary Chain's Jim and William Reid, which proves to be very much worth the wait

Suckle (2001)

Against Nature
Suckle's debut album 'Against Nurture' album is upright, tender and outspoken. Since it is released by Chemikal Underground, it's inevitable not to see Suckle apart from those other bands on that lab



Interview Delgados - Interview

The Delgados fourth album 'Hate' is the band's most critically acclaimed album to date yet. Anthony Strutt talks to frontwoman Emma Pollock about is recording, and the band's decision to switch to Mantra from their own Chemikal Underground label

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