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Aidan Moffat and the Best Ofs - How to Get to Heaven from Scotland

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 3 / 3 / 2009

Aidan Moffat and the Best Ofs - How to Get to Heaven from Scotland
Label: Chemikal Underground
Format: CD


Sometimes musically adventurous new album from Aidan Moffat, which finds him maintaining his sarcastic but provocative wit, but otherwise having moved on from his role as the former frontman with Arab Strap

Scheduling the release of the Aidan Moffat album on Valentine's Day may seem a tad provocative indeed. Yet, if anything, a nice gesture it is. Love remains a mockery in Moffat's book and he continues with his lonely, lustful wandering. Moffat's new band, The Best Ofs, are not fuzzy and would shag anyone until 'fidelity should arise'. He perhaps proves that he is one of the most oftenly ignored persons courting the opposite sex. He is still though a troubled soul begifted with a great sense of sarcastic wit. True musical adventurism is saved until 'A Scenic Route To The Isle Of Ewe' where we first get a glimpse of the album's red thread, along with waves from the loch clashing on the shore. On 'How To Get To Heaven From Scotland' Aidan Moffat's former role as the frontman in Arab Strap is a distant memory. Quoting him as 'I was wrong about romance' nonetheless sums up a pivotal point in Moffat's oeuvre. Whilst 'The Last Kiss' says goodbye to old ties, Moffat keeps chatting up those new entries to pub land. For the sake of music, the lasses should pretend he's not there.

Track Listing:-
1 Lover's Song
2 Big Blonde
3 Atheist's Lament
4 Oh Men!
5 A Scenic Route To The Isle Of Ewe
6 That's Just Love
7 Ballad Of The Unsent Letter
8 Now I Know I'm Right
9 The Last Kiss
10 Lullaby For Unborn Child
11 Living With You Now
12 My Goodbye

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