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Status Quo - Pictures : 40 Years of Hits

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 11 / 12 / 2008

Status Quo - Pictures : 40 Years of Hits
Label: U.M.T.V.
Format: CD


Excellent and unpretentious compilation of venerable British institution Status Quo's four decades of hits

40 years ago, Status Quo released their first single ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’ - a fairly generic, if pleasant, slice of jingly 60s pop. I doubt anyone listening to it at the time would have predicted that the makers of this fairly standard generic offering would be celebrating an unbroken anniversary four decades later. Longevity is the Quo’s main virtue. Where other bands broke up, Status Quo just kept on going. Out on the road, that’s where the money is, and the Quo have probably got more knowledge of motorway service stations (and more money) than any other group of middle aged men on the planet. They have also lived up to their name. The early 60s pop songs were a mere aberration. By the fourth song on ‘Pictures‘, ‘In My Chair’, the band have locked into the bluesy rock ‘n’ roll style that they would stick to doggedly for the rest of their career. I wondered in an article last month whether any band were less cool than ELO. The only name I could think of were Dire Straits, but I erred, as Quo are probably the most critically reviled band of all. I suspect that what would annoy the staff of 'Uncut' and 'Mojo' most is how little the Quo need to care what is written about them. To the continued disapproval of hacks, the public have kept a place for Status Quo in their hearts. They have become a venerable British institution, and this collection shows why. It’s not high artifice but there is simple canny charm to most of these songs. Of course, we all know ‘Rocking All Over The World’, basically a three minute chorus and one of the most naturally cheerful pop hits of all time. But I actually prefer the second of these two discs, where the Quo - unashamedly - embrace what they know works, and rack up hit after hit with seemingly no effort at all. My favourite is a cover of the Beach Boys’ ‘Fun Fun Fun’, which actually samples the Wilson brothers harmonies for the chorus, thus making it a natural singalong, but add some beefy guitars for the verses. Wrapping up with their first ever Christmas single, ‘It’s Christmas Time’, the Quo are preparing to do battle with both John Sergeant and Terry Wogan for this year’s Christmas number one spot (not to mention X Factor winners past and future). So, again, not very cool. But who cares? It’s Christmas.

Track Listing:-
1 Pictures Of Matchstick Men
2 Ice In The Sun
3 Down The Dustpipe
4 In My Chair
5 Paper Plane
6 Mean Girl
7 Caroline
8 Break The Rules
9 Down Down
10 Roll Over Lay Down (Live)
11 Rain
12 Mystery Song
13 Wild Side Of Life
14 Rockin' All Over The World
15 Again And Again
16 Whatever You Want
17 Living On An Island
18 What You're Proposing
19 Lies
20 Don't Drive My Car
21 Something About You Baby I Like
22 Rock 'N' Roll
23 Dear John
24 Ol Rag Blues
25 A Mess Of The Blues
26 Marguerita Time
27 The Wanderer
28 Rollin' Home
29 Red Sky
30 In The Army Now
31 Ain't Complaining
32 Burning Bridges
33 The Anniversary Waltz (Part 1)
34 I Didn't Mean It
35 Fun Fun Fun
36 Jam Side Down
37 You'll Come 'Round
38 The Party Ain't Over Yet
39 Beginning Of The End
40 It's Christmas Time

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