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Kieran Hebden And Steve Reid - NYC

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 9 / 11 / 2008

Kieran Hebden And Steve Reid - NYC
Label: Domino Records
Format: CD


Chaotic, but compelling and rewarding third and allegedly final collaboration between electronic artist Kieran Hebden and American percussionist and jazz veteran Steve Reid

Here we have six recordings done in a studio in Manhattan with assembled sounds from one native and one foreign musician. Hebden is the Englishman who can be held accountable for bass and bleeps , while the one banging the drums is Steve Reid. The pair of them produce, however, a mighty thunder. Steve Reid churns out his percussion patterns as if just one moment earlier slavery was reinstalled. Overpowering, to put it at its mildest, the 'NYC' album delves into unknown depths of experimentation. Hebden and Reid cause sheer mayhem at points as 'NYC' walks very volatile paths and grounds. Hebden and Reid close in on where hazy, jazzy, urban patterns usually tend to grind. In real life, NYC stands for the highest density imaginable. This album though actually tends to portray a waterfall, one very rich of ideas. A wide cascade of sound with a definite Chicago jazz touch.

Track Listing:-
1 Lyman Place
2 1st & 1st
3 25th Street
4 Arrival
5 Between B & C
6 Departure

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