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Our Last Night - Interview

  by Alex Halls

published: 22 / 3 / 2008

Our Last Night - Interview


Alex Halls chats to Matt Wentworth, the frontman with rising hardcore act Our Last night, about his group's recently released debut album, 'The Ghosts Among Us', and its songwriting process

As one of the latest bands to be signed to Epitaph, Our Last Night have much to live up to on the major alternative label. Having just released their debut, 'The Ghosts Among Us', it’s already clear the band have stacks of talent at their disposal. The sound revolves around melody juxtaposed with discordant riffs: it’s pretty much screamo but in Our Last Night’s very own style. With some fantastic tracks on offer, the band are definitely one to watch. Pennyblackmusic caught up with vocalist Matt Wentworth to find out what the band are really about. PB : The new album paradoxically blends melody with a sublime heavy sound. Are there any bands you aspire to or have influenced this mix? MW : I would say a lot of bands that introduced me to this style of music have influenced the Our Last Night sound. Bands such as Finch, Boys Night Out, Senses Fail, A Static Lullaby, and Silverstein are what got me really into listening and playing music. I don't think we really sound a ton like those bands now but they have had a heavy influence on our sound along with a lot of heavier bands as well; August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, the Acacia Strain, and Every Time I Die to name a few. PB : What’s the song-writing process like in Our Last Night? MW : I wrote a lot of the material for this album so once I had a few ideas for a song I would spend a few nights working in my little home studio piecing together all the ideas in a computer program called Garageband. It's an awesome program to use because it’s so easy, plus I can write a lot of the rough drum parts along with the guitar. Then once most of the music is done I will write lyrics and vocal melodies/rhythms to the music. PB : Is the content of the song more important, or the music itself? MW : My favourite part of writing is definitely the music. Lyrics are cool but for me the music is the most important part of a song. PB : Would you consider Our Last Night as either politically or socially engaged ? MW : I would definitely say as a band socially engaged. We don't have political lyrics or anything, I almost always write about personal experiences. PB : Is there one major message you’re trying to convey in the album ? MW : There isn't really an overall message we're trying to send to everyone. For the most part each song is about something different. Each song is its own. PB : You’re in the middle of an extensive US Tour to support the album. Are there any plans to venture further afield ? MW : Yeah, definitely. We really haven't been touring for that long so touring the US is still a completely new thing to us. We can't wait to head out to Europe or maybe even Japan at some point. We will definitely be touring all around the world once we're ready. PB : What are your expectations for this ? What can we expect ? MW : I don't think we even know what to expect in the years to come. We don't even know what our next tour will be yet. Ha, ha. So I wish I could tell you. We're hoping we can stay on the road and that our record gets a good response. PB : What are the best and worst band experiences you’ve had so far as a band ? MW : I think almost everything we have done as band so far has been the best and worst experience at the same time. Recording was the time of my life but its also very stressful making sure that it comes out as best as possible. Then there is touring which is the funnest and most unhealthy way of living. It’s awesome though. There is nothing we would rather be doing at this point in our lives. PB : Thank you.

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Our Last Night - Interview

Our Last Night - Interview

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