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Hanoi Rocks - Fashion

  by Paul Raven

published: 8 / 8 / 2007

Hanoi Rocks - Fashion
Label: Demoltion Records
Format: CDS


Cheesy, but thoroughly entertaining comeback single from 80's hair metal act, Hanoi Rocks

Sometimes we all need a good serving of cheese in our musical diet. There's no shortage of it either, but the quality varies hugely - from the nasty pre-packed processed slices served up on MTV and daytime radio, to the speciality varieties aimed at the more discerning gourmand. Hanoi Rocks slip neatly into the latter category, as far as I can see. On 'Fashion', just as they always have, the Finnish rockers deliver two tracks of old-school rock and roll sleaze - a flavour with consistent retro appeal to a certain type of listener, but one whose time for globe-spanning success is sadly long past. Hanoi Rocks should have had everything in the 80's, and might well have done so, if it weren't for some tragic misfortunes. But the past is the past, and here they are - still laying down their glam-tinged punky blues and dressing in clothes that would look ridiculous on men half their age. If you can take it as it's meant (or at least as I think it's meant), it's pure fun – good-time rock and roll to drink and chat up girls to. Casting a more serious eye over the proceedings will serve little purpose, other than to highlight the level of cliché on display. And that would be pretty pointless, really – if you're eating cheese, it's the familiar flavour that you do it for. So, if you like your rock music mid-paced and bluesy, topped lyrically with gentle innuendo and dressed in pointy boots and feather boas, look no further; Hanoi Rocks deliver the goods.

Track Listing:-
1 Fashion
2 Trouble Boys
3 Fashion (Enhanced Video)
4 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Enhanced Live Video)

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