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Melt Banana - Bambi's Dilemma

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 8 / 5 / 2007

Melt Banana - Bambi's Dilemma
Label: AZap
Format: CD


Stormy and much anticipated seventh album from Japanese punk pop geniuses Melt Banana

As Melt Banana have become a brand of their own, it's intriguing to hear the band's progress from speedy, zany rumble noise to jet airliner streamlined punk. On their sixth album, the storm still heads in the same direction and little can be held against those snapshot outbursts of where speed-punk meets the Melt Banana pop-genius. Taking the world by storm, Melt Banana uncovers a weapon of mass distraction and manages to get the audience jumping about whilst in abuse of the very concept of a Disney Dilemma. Melt Banana have done so since ages ago. While maybe of little stature than Sonic Youth, a new album from Melt Banana always is a moment to look forward to. Even in the Year 2007 a new Melt Banana album is regarded with great anticipation. The initially most effective brainwash from Melt Banana's new LP 'Bambi's Dilemma' is 'Heiwaboke Crisis'. Here, the überwhelming Melt Banana leave no other option; they're the Ramones on 78RPM and it as if members from the Boredoms, Sonic Youth and 999 were in the control room at the time of recording this. 'Type-Ecco System' ends Side A - as it were. Side B kicks off with 'The Call of The Vague' which even hints at the age of when a punk pop pastiche was still allowed to include a bit of Phil Spector's aesthetics. There isn't that much extra doo-wop on 'Bambi's Dilemma' beyond this one track though. If an influence you'll hear throughout 'Bambi's Dilemma' were to be named, it should be the game console providing Melt Banana with those flashes of electronic uproar. 'Last Target on the Last Day' closes off this latest Melt Banana expedition, crossing the universe as if in one giant leap.

Track Listing:-
1 Spider Snipe
2 Blank Page of the Blind
3 Cracked Plaster Cast
4 Heiwaboke Crisis
5 Cat Brain Land
6 Plasma Gate Quest
7 Type: Ecco System
8 The Call of the Vague
9 Green Eyed Devil
10 Crow's Paint Brush (Color Repair)
11 T for Tone
12 Slide Down
13 Lock the Head
14 One Drop, One Life
15 In Store
16 Dog Song
17 Chain Keeper
18 Last Target On The Last Day

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