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Melt Banana


Garage, London, 20/11/2005

Melt Banana - Garage, London, 20/11/2005

Japanese experimentalists Melt Banana are a band of no middle ground,annoying and exciting music fans in equal measure. Jamie Rowland enjoys a rare UK appearance at a gig at the London Garage

Barrymore's, Ottawa, 18/11/2005

Melt Banana - Barrymore's, Ottawa, 18/11/2005

At Barrymore's in Ottawa, Andrew Carver enjoys energetic performances the Black Keys, Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Golden Famile, but it is sexagenarian Detroit soul singer Nathaniel Mayer who steals the show

Nijmegen Doonroosje, 26th September

Melt Banana - Nijmegen Doonroosje, 26th September

Triple bill! Me, Rah Bras, both pretty crap, and then the long awaited debut on a Nijmegen stage of Melt Banana. One of the most innovative bands of the decade, Melt Banana released the impressive 'Teeny Shiny' earlier in the year which hinted at an occa


Bambi's Dilemma (2007)

Stormy and much anticipated seventh album from Japanese punk pop geniuses Melt Banana

Teeny Shiny (2001)

Despite having shocked a small circle of devotees in a most pleasant manner for over six years now, Melt Banana have never reached the status of the likeminded Minutemen. Melt Banana don't use Americ



John Peel
Ten Songs That Made Me Love... Miscellaneous - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

In 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...', Jamie Rowland writes of ten songs that he first heard listening to John Peel's late night Radio 1 show

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